Cash Manager : Integrated Tour Operator / Travel Agency Cash Manager

Business planning would be much more accurate if you could project how expenditures will impact cash flow. Cash Manager takes the guesswork out of accounting for cash by giving you instant access to your company current cash balance and make your life easier in bank reconciliation process. If your business manages several bank accounts that require a detailed reconciliation, the Cash Manager module allows for the most sophisticated transactions to be integrated into a streamlined activity, to balance your cash accounts between the bank statement.

Bank and Petty Cash (Master)

When setting up Cash Manager, you can define various default values, selection options, and control information.

Deposit / Cash Receipt

Ability to capture multiple deposit information at the group level


Ability to capture highlight the outstanding BK before paying to Vendor Print Payment Voucher.

Bank & Cash Book

On a daily basis, you need to know what your cash balance is. Cash Manager gives you immediate access to your current cash balance for individual cash accounts.

Bank Reconciliation

Cash Manager provides a quick and easy way to reconcile bank statements. The process is coordinated through the Bank Reconciliation screen, which displays all relevant transactions for a specified banking period. For example, it includes the cheques from Accounts Payable and expenses, cash receipts (deposits) from Accounts Receivable, and miscellaneous cash adjustments from the Cash Manager module. You can see the sum figure of multiple cheques deposit by a single deposit slip. Searching of any single transaction become very fast and easy through multiple searching criteria such as amount, cheque number, date, receipt or payment voucher number. Although most reconciliations are performed monthly, Cash Manager can handle any time period, including daily processing.

Import Invoice Payment into Bank Deposit

Cash Manager provides a quick and easy way to import cash receipts from the front office into multiple bank account where you bank in your real money.