eBusinessoft for Outbound Tour Operator

Profit margins are low. Competition is fierce -- your competitors' pricing are lower. High volume wholesalers are selling tours at cut rates. How can you draw more bookings into your tour? And now, more than ever, the industry is turning to e-business technologies to grow distribution network, boost long-term customer relationships, streamline operations and manage costs.

Businessoft has the experience and end-to-end offerings to get you there. Advanced distribution techniques. More effective customer loyalty programs.

  • Allow your operations, sales teams and agents to share valuable tour information in a central repository
  • Improve your tour inventory turnover rate to get a lower cost
  • Increase your distribution channel without boundaries and cost through agents or franchisee
  • Simplify tour booking process and improve your tour operations life cycle efficiency
  • Reduce document searching time due to misplaced of file, lost file or staff turnover
  • Improve communications with branches, agents by consolidating information on all tour
  • Reduces distribution and communication costs to your sales channel virtually anytime and anywhere through the web
  • Provide business intelligence and knowledge management tools to turn data into actionable information
  • Measure performance of the sales channel
  • Manage, organize and create booking and change request
  • Grow revenues more quickly having the means to focus on the right selling products.
  • Improve operations productivity by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks associated with tour booking
  • Achieve faster growth of new sales channels and higher margins from existing sales channels

The advantage : The strength of travel industry experience

Businessoft has been working with the travel industry since the 1990s, and today it is a major IT supplier to well-known tour operators/ travel agencies. Together, eBusinessoft possess the industry experience and technical know-how to promote more profitable sales growth.

We offer :

  • The best practice in your industry by maximising time to increase productivity and profits
  • Business intelligence tool to transform your operational data into actionable information
  • Technical consultants with extensive implementation and system integration experience

Features :

  • Tour Template-reduction of repeating the same tour information entry
  • Create itinerary and tour costing and pricing matrix for FIT tours
  • Tour Master support FIT or alloted seats departures
  • Flight schedules, hotels, tour fares inclusions / exclusions and conditions
  • To bring list for pax and airport assembly info, to do list for operations
  • Support any type of language such as Chinese or Japanese character
  • Once tour created or updated, operations option to publish for front office, agents or public
  • Tour search / filter by country, destination, travel date, price range & etc.
  • Agent or pubic can check availability and create instant booking and print
  • Booking form, Official receipt, Pax to bring list directly
  • Tour booking form to GA and Air ticket booking form to /airlines.
  • Operations to view pax without visa application or outstanding balance
  • Ticketing name list & rooming list support deviation and subgroup
  • Pre-tour profit and loss accounts for payment requisition.
  • Outstanding payment activity report by tour code, salesman, booking
  • Post tour profit and loss accounts for accounting and management

Global distribution. The same tour itinerary and information that operations create in the company for various department can be published in your website for your supporting agent or public to check availability and make online booking.

Support Unicode language. Unicode language such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese character and etc are fully supported throughout the system. For example, you can create your tour in Chinese or invoice your customer in Chinese.