Integrated Ferry Operations System(IFOS)

Ferry Operator Software

Executive summary

In today’s highly competitive ferry industry, speed & convenience of bookings for ferry is a key factor. The ferry industry is moving towards self-service web-based online bookings. It ensures a 24-hour accessible service without additional costs in manpower. Ferry online bookings & centralized management of inventory also enables real-time management reports for quick decision-making. And now, more than ever, the ferry industry is turning to e-business technologies to grow distribution network, boost long-term customer relationships, streamline operations and manage costs. Integrated Ferry Operations System (IFOS) has the end-to-end offerings to get you there. Advanced distribution techniques. More effective customer loyalty programs.

  • 24-hour Accessibility. Ferry bookings are not restricted by opening hours, staffing shortage or insufficient/busy phone or fax lines. Improve operations productivity by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks associated with DIY booking
  • Reduced Revenue Loss. Ferry online payment solves your “no-show” & lost revenue problems. Slots, rooms & seats are not wasted by irresponsible customers. Payment is assured.
  • Expanded Distribution. Ferry online bookings on your website provide you the tool to extend your distribution to more channels including non-traditional agents both local & overseas. This results in greater reach & increased sales.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty. The convenience of ferry online booking provides a real benefit to members thus increasing loyalty & repeat business.
  • Costs Savings. With good implementation, there can be significant savings in less manpower, reduced paperwork & telecommunications charges. Allow your ferry management, operations, sales teams and agents to share valuable seat availability information in a central repository. Improve communications with branches, agents by consolidating information online.
  • Improved ferry operations efficiency. Reduce document searching time due to misplaced of file, lost file or staff turnover
  • Better Reports & Statistics. With real-time reports, management is always in control of the situation & knows instantly when to adjust inventory & allocate resources. Improve your ferry seat inventory turnover rate to get a lower cost
Ferry operator business needs

Provide reservation as a way to improve the customer/reseller experience In today world of high pace, most of customers/resellers cannot tolerate wasting a lot of time on booking transaction. The travel agents want to get the booking transaction done immediately. If a ferry operator does not provide a instant online reservation for customer /reseller :-

a) some customer may give up immediately

b) it will create bad experience for customer

c) some of the customers may not want to come back again in future (losing customers).

Reduce the transaction cost for the ferry operator and customer / reseller

If a customer /reseller can create the booking, amendment, cancellation online by themselves, this will save the communication cost for remote customers. The ferry operator also can have the saving as well.

Operations as a competitive weapon

Ferry operators need to streamline their operation from the traditional way. They need to design the processes to give them a sustainable competitive advantages. This is important to accounting, finance, human resource, management information system and marketing. For example, reservation, amendment, cancellation which require man power and communication cost can have a significant financial impact on the ferry operator, with big amount of dollars in a high volume in the long run.

Understanding of customer/ reseller profile and pattern

To understand the customer/reseller behavior, we need to know the daily operational data. Any data captured manually in paper format can be considered as "dead data". If manual or use different system, data are scattered among different places. All the report needs to be constantly updated as there is no linkage between different systems. Transforming data into management reports would be very time consuming and tedious. Manual System would only cause every staff busy in preparing documents & reports while has less time or no time to understand / analyze the customer behavior.

Integrated ferry system from front office to back office to Internet e-booking

With Integrated Ferry Operations System (IFOS), all the operational data is integrated inside the company enterprise database. Integrated Ferry Operations System (IFOS) has reports for operational or strategical purpose. Manager can even use the powerful queries to view /to filter /group /sort the datasheet in various viewpoint to generate the insight.

Key Capabilities
  • Customer /reseller Record & History
  • Ticketing Management
  • Scheduling & Inventory creation
  • Seat Inventory & Reservation
  • Online Reservation
  • Check-in
  • Point of sales & Cash Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Reporting
Customer Record & History Module
  • Customer database for the maintenance of customer profile, reservation information, order & pricing information , customer contacts
  • Customer Type (categorise the various customer type)
  • Frequently Traveled Pax(FTP)
Ticketing Management Modules
  • Ticket & fares
  • Ticket Code
  • Fee type
  • Fare Tier
  • Fare Master
  • Ticket To Inventory
  • Ticket Utilities
  • Ticket Inventory
Scheduling & Inventory creation Module
  • Schedules
  • Create trips
  • Trip master
Seat Inventory & Reservation Modules
  • Tracking of seats availability anytime & seat booking level
  • View availability by date range or drill down by specific trip
  • Automatically updated when reservation is made
  • Create, Amend, cancel reservation
  • Edit Pax Details, View Itinerary
  • Ability to reprint reservation notice, cancellation notice
  • Ability to look up a reservation notice, cancellation notice by reference number
  • Create, Edit, Release Allotment, Force Cancellation
  • Transfer Pax to FTP
Online Reservation Module

IFOS Internet Module shortens information path between you and your customers. While your customers can make reservation online, you are reaching new customers worldwide. Internet is your gateway to the markets of the world.

Travel agent Module
  • Travel agent can check seat availability anytime
  • View availability by date range
  • Travel agent can create/cancel their own reservation
  • Ability to reprint reservation notice, cancellation notice
  • Ability to look up a reservation notice, cancellation notice by reference number
Public Module
  • Public can check seats availability at anytime
  • View availability by date range
  • Public can create their own reservation
  • Public can cancel their own reservation
  • Ability to reprint reservation notice, cancellation notice
  • Ability to look up a reservation notice, cancellation notice by reference number
  • Can link to Payment Gateway for making payment (Need to subscribe to third parties payment gateway service and create a merchant account)
Check-in Modules
  • List Not Checked-in Pax
  • List Checked-in Pax
  • List Wait-listed Pax
  • List Wait-List Show up
  • List Boarded Ferry Pax
  • Add New Pax
  • Print Boarding Pass
  • Print Advance ED Card
  • Check in Baggage
  • Print Manifest
Point of sales & Cash Management Module

Detailed transactions for keep track of your cash collections and monitor all your cash transactions. All cash related transactions are automatically stored into the system.

Other Highlights
  • Reduction of communication cost through instant e-mail confirmation notification.
  • Reduction of paper usage
  • Management by exception capabilities
  • Most of the data are keyed in once directly from the front-end & can be used by the system to become various documents, reports & useful information.
  • Most of the required reports are preprogrammed & can be generated instantly from a click of a button compared to lengthy time to require prepare the reports manually.
  • Reduction of manpower or redeployment of manpower in more productive area such as analyzing information of reports.
  • Linking & integration with other modules such as accounting & financial report mean saving from extra process, manpower, time lapsed to get information, input error & etc.
  • Elimination of extra process and bottleneck that can make the company leaner and reacts faster to external environmental changes.
  • Establishment of proper customer database for one of the best marketing strategies, namely Database Marketing.
  • Better monitoring and controlling
  • Analyze and synthesize enterprise database to generate insights